Meet Saint, Chief Commercial Officer at Picnic

Meet Saint, Chief Commercial Officer at Picnic

Tell us a little bit about you

Hi, I’m Saint originally from Lydney in Gloucestershire. I moved to London many moons ago to study and then made it my home. I live near Bromley with my partner and our family (teenage daughter, young adult son & two dogs called Dolly & Bert). I’ve worked in media since the mid 90’s at various publishing and ad tech companies. I’ve been working in management and leadership roles since the turn of the millennium.

I started working with Picnic as a consultant in October ‘20 and went full-time in May ‘21. Picnic embodies the 3 most important P’s to me - great People working on a quality Product with lots of Passion for what we do!


Describe your role at Picnic

As Chief Commercial Officer, I oversee all commercial aspects of the business from leading and managing the Account Management, Client Success and Programmatic solutions teams to success, to ensuring we’re strategically focusing and delivering for our customers and at the same time making sure we’re delivering against budgetary expectations. It’s an all-encompassing role exciting role which allows me to focus on the goals we need to achieve, helping, supporting and enabling the team and satisfying my curiosity to continue to learn and develop.

What excites you about the industry?

As ever, the fast-paced nature of the digital industry combined with the constant opportunities to continue learning and developing. Mobile is such an exciting place with so much scope to deliver brilliant user-first solutions to our ever-growing base of satisfied customers. Media per se has and always will be about a combination of great products you believe in combined with the relationships you create, maintain and enjoy to deliver great collaborative results, with colleagues, teams and partners.

What are your passions outside of work?

I’m a big music fan, from techno, house, leftfield, electronica to rock, pop, live music and festivals. I love it all, as long as it meets my personal quality control filter, then it goes on the playlist or I go to it! Other than music I try to keep fit with going to the gym and running and striking a healthy balance by exploring the delights of various vineyards from around the world.

What are the best career lessons you’ve learnt so far?

Three things really stand out. First is don’t judge somebody until you’ve walked in their shoes. This is really powerful and can give you an understanding on another level. The second is the importance of active listening and fully tuning in to what someone says, it takes practice. Lastly, the hugely positive effect coaching can have and how important it is to make time for it to learn and grow.

Finally, what are you most excited about for Cannes this year?

I'm excited about the industry coming back together again after the pandemic and everything that Cannes brings with it. The chance to catch up, the opportunity to meet new people and generally be inspired about what can happen when this great industry of ours gets together to fully connect!