Meet Ellie, Account Manager at Picnic

Meet Ellie, Account Manager at Picnic

Tell us a little bit about you

Hello! I’m Ellie, an Account Manager at Picnic. Originally from the picturesque yet sleepy Cotswolds, you can now find me in Balham.

After graduating with a History degree back in 2019, I lived in Shanghai for two months then worked at Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire as a Waiter/Professional Celebrity Spotter. I set off for a gap year in Australia and New Zealand in February 2020 and thanks to the pandemic was back in the UK three weeks later. Luckily, I found the role of Account Executive at Picnic in July 2020 and never looked back. Despite having bits of marketing and PR experience, this was my first role in media so onboarding virtually and getting to grips with the Adtech world from my childhood bedroom was certainly interesting!

Describe your role at Picnic

As an Account Manager, I’m involved in all aspects of the campaign life cycle and get to work with all of the different Picnic teams, which means it’s super dynamic and multi-faceted. From working on briefs and pitches with the Sales Managers, to building creatives with the Engineers, to analysing campaign data and presenting PCAs, to delivering world-class customer service and campaign management to our range of clients, it definitely keeps me busy!

I work across Omnicom, Goodstuff and Havas and also look after all of our Regional business, where I’ve worked with a wide range of clients across property, FMCG, retail and charity based in Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh and beyond. I absolutely love the variety of different clients I’ve got to work with over the years and can’t wait to take some more trips up North this year!


What excites you most about your job?

Honestly, the people in the industry and the passion they have for it really inspires me. The industry draws such a wide range of talented, interesting and diverse people who are constantly striving to innovate and provide new solutions to complex problems. This is why I love working at Picnic - I get to spend all day with a group of ambitious, hard-working, and fun people who share common goals and are passionate about improving the industry and getting the best results for our clients.

What are your passions outside of work?

I’m a huge podcast fiend, and can’t really function, or sleep, if I’m not listening to podcast in the background. Particular favourites include Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster, How to Fail with Elizabeth Day, and Shagged Married Annoyed with Chris and Rosie Ramsey.

I have also loved reading since I was an overachieving child and it’s my aim to get through 50 books this year, although I’m slightly behind at the moment...

My other huge passion is travelling, which was put on the back burner over the past two years. This year I’ve got trips to Lisbon, Slovakia and Peru booked, where I will (hopefully 🤞) fulfil my lifelong ambition of hiking the Salkantay trek and seeing Macchu Picchu!

Tell, us a fun fact about you that people may not know.

I was Captain of my university trampoline team despite being absolutely terrible at trampolining, and sport in general. We travelled the country taking part in competitions and I came second to last in my category three times in a row. To be honest, I was basically only there for the social afterwards...

Karaoke is a big part of our culture at Picnic, what song are you queuing first?

I genuinely think I clinched my Picnic interview by mentioning how much I love karoake. Despite being known at Picnic as a die-hard Taylor Swift fan, I think I’ll be queueing Somebody to Love by Queen or a bit of Maroon 5. If anyone wants to duet to Breaking Free from High School Musical with me, I wouldn’t complain either.