Picnic Partners with Therapy App, Spill, to Offer Remote Mental Health Support in Lockdown

Picnic Partners with Therapy App, Spill, to Offer Remote Mental Health Support in Lockdown

Cocktail Fridays, virtual game nights, pizza making....Picnic have tried it all. But with lockdown number three feeling somewhat infinite, Picnic have found new ways to look after employee mental health, including all-in-one support app, Spill.

London-based start-up, Spill, offers remote mental health support for employees via workplace messaging app, Slack. The app asks all employees a few quick, confidential questions, then support is available if required (or wanted), including sessions with Spill's qualified therapists over video, or the option to ask anonymous questions over message. Available 24 hours a day, Spill is accessible and discrete, requiring no phone numbers or waiting lists, and 'a pair of ears' are available almost immediately in a few covid-friendly clicks.

Calvin Benton, CEO & Founder of Spill, says: “The events of the past year have made it more important than ever for employees to have access to mental health support that’s barrier-free and stigma-free. At Spill, we get up in the morning excited about helping companies create work environments where people feel secure, engaged and fundamentally understood — which is why it’s so exciting to be working with Picnic, who share the same progressive and ambitious outlook!”

In addition to Spill, Picnic have explored other ways to maintain team morale and prevent WFH burnout. Firstly, Picnic have hangout calls first thing each morning with 10 minutes to catch-up, then 5 minutes to discuss top-line daily outputs, emulating the morning 'walk into the office' catch-up that we all miss. Picnic have also integrated a 'randomcoffees' generator app on Slack, encouraging Picnicers to schedule (strictly non-work related!) one-on-one coffee calls with a different colleague each week.

Aside from emulating the sociable office environment, Picnic have introduced 'Wellness Wednesdays', where everyone has an hour in addition to their lunch break to do an activity of their choice. Popular activities so far have included yoga, baking, cycling with the company Peloton account...or simply taking some time out to read.

Matthew Goldhill, CEO & Founder, Picnic says: "It's coming up to a year of enforced remote working and it's clear we need long-term initiatives to keep team culture, morale and productivity high. Providing mental health support for employees should be a priority for any people-first organisation and we're incredibly happy to be using Spill's best-in-class service, which is built for the post-Covid working world.

“On a personal level, I was very excited to introduce a work perk that is better than any 'consumer-facing' product of its kind. Having access to a therapist in three clicks should be a service available to everyone!"

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